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Remember how much fun we had growing up playing games with family. Take the time to play classic games with your family and friends. Have game nights and enjoy spending fun, quality time with your family. There’s no secret that there are hundreds to choose from. Some of the traditional favorites include:



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Parenting Pointers

washerCase of the Missing Socks

It’s a popular belief that socks go missing in the dryer. Well, I figured out where my family’s socks have been going. There have been numerous times when I open the washer and just dive in grabbing clothes to transfer them to the dryer, and noticed a sock hanging in the corner in the top of the washer. I can only imagine how many socks have actually fallen into that opening. Keep this tip in mind and be careful when transferring your laundry. You’re Welcome!!!


Beginner Investing

I’m not an investment banker nor stock broker, but I am interested in the concept, and being able to let my money make money. Investing is one of the things that are not taught to us as a part of economic training, but I will not be left behind. I started investing in 2016. It was curiosity that got me started. Also, the idea of wanting to learn something that seemed so out of my league. I always had this idea that investing was for the rich. Not true at all.

It’s how the rich stay rich, and how the rich put their people on. You can invest at your own will and your own expense. Start small or big, taking risks or not, it’s all up to you. It doesn’t much time to research the in’s and out’s of investments, and there are so many brokerages and companies that make it easy to begin.

I started with Capital One Investing. I made a list of companies that I use, that were popular to me and the rest of the world, and researched their buy in prices, trade history, dividends, etc. I finally decided to purchase a share of Wal-Mart. I was shopping there everyday, it just felt right. In my mind, it was my way of getting some of my money back. At the time I bought my share for about $78, and the dividend was a return of 0.51 cents quarterly, in other words, every 3 months. I was okay with that, because it was something new and I was able to say, I own a piece of Wal-Mart.

That created a new addiction in me. Although at the time, I was still spoiling my son, and most of my money was going to toys, (Wal-Mart), food, and bills, I had not made the decision to purchase more and more. But I always had it on my to-do-list.


So around June of 2018, Capital One Investing merged with E-Trade, and I received a letter explaining to me why I had to sale my share of Wal-Mart. It was not able to brought over to E-Trade. I sold my share through Capital One. When I sold it, the price was about $89. I made a profit of close to $11. That was my second eye-opener in the investing world. I finally understood more than one investment option.

  1. Purchasing a stock that offers dividends is the quick way to see your profit return. It allows share holders to see a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual return of your money.
  2. Purchasing a stock that does not offer dividends, still gives the chances of generating a profit from the your purchase and sale prices. You are mostly likely to get more back upon selling it, especially based on the time of your purchase and length of time your position was held.

The better option for me a the moment is dividend stocks because I want to get adapted to seeing my dividend schedule, and waking up to the notifications of what I received monthly from my positions. Here’s a snapshot of what my portfolio looks like. Just to give you guys an idea of what its like, and to see that I’m speaking facts.

etrade shot

Currently, I’m looking into stocks that offer monthly dividends, penny stocks included. Penny stocks are just stocks that have a smaller purchase price. A lot of penny don’t offer dividends at all, but there are some out there. I am not a risk taker in my purchasing decisions just yet. Not willing to throw away money that I actually need. But I am willing to be proud of myself investing $10-$50 a month to know that I will get i back slowly but surely. I aim to hold positions in many companies, and make larger lump sum purchases, so that I can see a bigger return, and eventually my money will make money. I currently re-invest my dividends versus withdrawing them. They are small amounts that don’t amount to much, so why not allow it build up in the investment account, and re-purchase more stocks.

I’m not a pro yet, but I am still researching and experimenting. I have yet to experiment with bonds, securities, and mutual funds, but I will be diving into those soon. Check back to get the latest information on more investing information and tips.

Click Here for books and magazines that teach more about investing.

Parenting Tips & Tricks

It’s a popular belief that socks go missing in the dryer. Well I figured out where my family’s socks have been going. There have been numerous times when I open the washer and just dive in grabbing clothes to transfer them to the dryer, and noticed a sock hanging in the corner in the top of the washer. I can only imagine hoe many sock have actually fallen into that pit. So this is reminder to take your time and check the washer before you even begin taking anything out, it easy to tap the washer the sock(s) fall right in. You’re Welcome!!!



Natural Hair Journey

before cut2

The Big Chop (July 2018)


So I did my hair chop at home, by myself, from a spur of the moment thought. I had just finished washing my hair and was not in the mood to condition, blow dry, and style my hair. Mostly because I was having so much breakage with my hair, and was contemplating on going natural for a few months. So I felt, why even bother with this damaged hair, and I’m not happy with it. So I grabbed a pair and scissors, and cut a piece from the front. That way I could not re-nig on my decision. I wasn’t super excited about the chop, but I felt refreshed. After about two weeks I adjusted to the new look.

Products I Use


So obviously I’m in the beginning stages of my transition, so I’m still learning what is best for my hair and figuring out my curl pattern. I have already noticed, I have thin hair, with tight curls. I have not tried many brands yet. I tried Creme of Nature and I do not like the way it makes makes my hair feel. My hair feels heavy and sticky. NO-GO! So now I’m trying Cantu. So far I like the results, I love the smell of Cantu as well. The level I’m on in my journey right now is reaching long-lasting moisture and shine for at least a whole week. Right now, my hair my hair hold the moisture and I shine I want for about 24 hours. I’m researching and experimenting with deep conditioning methods and products to sew which gives me the longevity I want. Videos and links for that process coming soon!

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is when you partner up with companies to assist in promoting sales for their products. There are hundreds of companies that offer affiliate programs that are free and easy to sign up for. The main two that I have partnered with are Amazon and Ebay. I have signed up for Clickbank, but I have not put it to use promoting any links yet.

The company you choose to partner with, provides you with a platform to track your traffic and sales. You have access to view your progress and your impact, and your earnings. You don’t have to have a passion for sales, or any sale experience. Just time to post links and ads on your social media, websites, etc, in efforts to generate revenue for the partnered company in exchange for commission for assisting in promoting products.

Some of the other companies that offer affiliate programs are:

  1. CJ Affiliate
  2. AvantLink
  3. ShareASale
  4. Clickbank

Ideal methods for your affiliate marketing business are:

  1. create a marketing website just for your advertising and promoting
  2. incorporate your links and products into an already existing site
  3. share on social media sites



blog icon information internet

Creating a blog is a popular income generating idea. It be easy, but it actually takes a lot of thought. They key is finding what makes your blog different from the rest. Now there are only so many topics to choose from, understandable, but within those topics, you can always find something that makes your blog special. Could be mixed comedy, geared toward a certain group of people, or musical selections integrated into the posts and website.


1. Beauty
* Hair Care
* Skin Care
* Makeup Application
* Makeup Products

2. Fashion
* Favorite Designers
* Your Wardrobe
* New Releases
* Rejuvenating Old Pieces of Clothing
* DIY Altering Tips

3. Technology
* New Phone Devices and Features
* “How to” Blogs (Use Devices, Fix Devices)
* Compare & Contrast

4. Health
* Exercise
* Nutrition
* Illnesses and Sickness
* Cleaning Tips

5. Education
* Adult Education
* Youth Education
* Grants & Scholarships
* College Survival Tips
* Teaching Children
* Online Learning
* Paying Back Loans

6. Finances 
* Budgeting
* Generating Revenue
* Stocks and Bonds
* Banking Accounts and Options
* Credit Education
* Loans Education
* Home Ownership

7. Politics
* Local
* Federal
* Viewpoints
* Changes

8. Law & Justice
* Family Law
* Guardianship
* Business Laws
* Justice/Injustice
* Criminal Law

9. Personal
* Daily Blogs – What goes on in your day
* Things in your life that others may be interested in.

10. Gaming
* Game Play
* Updates
* Glitches and Fixes
* New Releases
* Your Opinion about Games

10. Religion
* Your Beliefs
* Spreading the Word
* Events & Invitations

Those are just some blogging ideas that are popular. Of course there are plenty of others. Our blog will have almost all of these. Good Luck!