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The mission of Juice is to offer a social media platform where minorities and their opinions are truly heard and equally allowed in the community. No one on the management team, development team, nor the users of the platform are racist and have any intent to make others feel less than. Everyone is able to equally post and be communicative in their own right. We are seeking to develop a long lasting platform where users can motivation each other, and spread strength and unity of under-respected cultures in the world.

Our motto “FOR THE CULTURE,” is in reference to cultures that aren’t equally respected.

 The Juice team can be contacted easily. We are not unreachable. We strive to also provide motivation and encouragement. We plan to inspire others in any way, and take pride on leading the path to better online communication and social media use. Users will be able to share their posts, memes, photos, quotes, and more in efforts to spark a little happiness and motivation in the community. Click here to view our Terms/Conditions/ EULA and Privacy Policy before downloading.

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ROSES — inspired by the popular phrase, “give me my roses while I can still smell them!” With that, ROSES is to offer love and appreciation to those that inspire us, but don’t get the accolades as often as deserved. Each month our rose will change based on votes from a poll posted on the site. Members will have a full calendar month to vote for the ROSE for the next month. It’s to ensure we pass along positive vibes and appreciation to our members of the website and the world to make sure we make each other feel loved and appreciated when it counts the most.

 BUY BLACK — is a section created for users to have access to a quick database of businesses and companies that are owned and created by African Americans. It’s a step towards our community supporting each other and building up our awareness of business ownership and community unification.

ANCESTRY RAFFLES — At Juice we take pride in every we do, and everything we are. When we say for the culture, it speaks to whatever culture relate to and embrace. In efforts to help you understand and better relate to your culture, we will be holding a monthly giveaway of three free DNA kits every month. There is nothing that users have to do other than enter the raffle. Click here for more.

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