Mommy Moves is a limited liability company that was founded by Ashley Davis. My mission is to assist others in various ways and make lives easier/happier. Founded in 2018, Mommy Moves is a newly founded company with a great variety of services and products to come; all geared towards providing help or spreading happiness. I look forward to positively impacting your life someday.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA.

Obtained my degree in Information Technology in 2016, specifically for Computer Programming.

Continuing my education at Full Sail University for Graphic Design.

I plan to makes lives better and easier through technology.

Mommy Moves, LLC was designed so that I could help people on my terms.

Diving into so many different avenues to bring smiles and happiness to as many people as I can, in any way I can.

Services Offered

Design Logos & Websites

Build Apps for iOS and Android

Create Letterhead

Business Cards with Logos and More

Booking Carnival Cruises

Recruiting for At Home Call Center

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