Mommy Moves offers a platform for its users to work at home in their own safety zone and comfort levels. It’s ideal for those of us that have a new outlook on the job market and taking advantage of technological advancements and how we can best use them in our lives.

This growing company offers many positives, and yet a few negatives that some may consider deal breakers. For the sake of working on my terms, it’s all a win-win.

Courses & Training

Courses are offered based on the companies that are available to service. Companies are added often, and there are some servicing favorites that fill up quick. Courses do have to paid for and there is no paid training. Payment for servicing begins on the day of your first taken call. Pay schedules will be provided to all agents, and available to view on the payment options page.

Selecting your course takes place in the Arise portal, and it’s totally your preference on what you choose. Be prepared to take an assessment, complexity of assessment various per client. There will be background checks completed, and affidavits requested for identification purposes. Once you pass assessments and all screening for background checks and drug tests, if applicable, and system requirements, you will then be prompted to submit payment for the course.

You will be able to select the best course time for your schedule. Courses typically last for 5 weeks regardless of the company that you are selecting to service. Again, there is no paid training for those 5 weeks of training. The day that you accept your first call, is when you begin to generate revenue.


There are numerous clients available to choose from when deciding what company you would like to partner with. There will always be an updated list of companies, their compensation, and other required information available on this site as well as on the Login Portal.

Each company will give a detailed summary of their expectations, class schedule options and times, required equipment and recommended equipment, as well as their guidelines for meeting standard metrics that determine your contract security.


Understanding schedule selection and release is probably the most misunderstood concept. It determines how much you will be able to work and how long your contract will last. During every course, schedule selection will be thoroughly explained. However, let’s give a quick break down before you get started.

You are free to select whatever schedule you desire. Schedules are selected in 30 minute intervals, thus meaning 2 intervals (30 mins) = 1 hour. Your pay rate is based on intervals, not hours. It can be converted into hours but it’s actually calculated by interval. For example if the terms of agreement state $4.50 per interval, that is equal to $9 per hour. Again, $6 per interval, is $12 per hour. So, it can be converted if that makes the calculation easier, but the agreements will list by interval, not by hour.

All times selected MUST BE WORKED. If an agent has to release intervals, please understand the difference and how it affects your scores. The metric that is impacted by your schedule is CA – Commitment Adherence. CA is your percentage of how often do you work the interval you selected to work, so how often you come to work. CA for all clients is never to fall below 90%. 4 consecutive weeks of being below 90% could result in termination, depending on situation, leniency may be granted.

There are 3 ways your commitment adherence could be affected:

1. Releasing interval that are less than 48 hours away

2. Not showing up for hours at all

3. Showing up late for intervals.

In the case that something comes up, agents are able to release or swap intervals. Releasing hours is allowed if the released interval is 48+ hours away, that way it will not affect your commitment adherence. Swapping intervals, however, will allow you to place your intervals back into the pool and others are able to grab them. Swapped intervals are yellow, and once they are grabbed by another agent, they turn green. Once it turns green, you are no longer responsible for that interval. Yet and still, if you put an interval up for swap and no one grabs it, and it is still yellow, you are still responsible, and if it is not serviced, it counts against your CA.


Arise set the schedules invoice dates, once invoices are sent to, I will forward them to you. Invoices and payments will be received on the same day. I offer agents with the choice to receive payments in whatever form is easiest for you. A list of current options are: Zelle, CashApp, and PayPal.

Each invoice will include the client name(s), pay rate, invoice total, intervals/hours worked/Arise usage fee of $19.75, Mommy Moves, LLC fee of $40, and adjustments if applicable. Adjustments meaning any extra revenue paid to you from Arise for exceptional service or working special intervals.

Below is the revenue schedule.


Work From Home

No Taxes Taken from Payments

No Babysitting Fees

No Frequent Gas Fill-ups to get to Work.

Select Your Own Schedule

Opportunity for Advancement

Opportunity to Own Your Own Business


No Paid Training

Paying for Class

Purchasing Necessary Equipment

Want to join the team, apply today!

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