Join the hottest new social media outlet for positivity and motivation. Completely free and abundantly inspiring. Get your dose of encouragement and leave the other nonsense to the other social outlets. Be your own peace….with BeStim!


BeStim (Be-Stimulated) is a social platform that offers users a secure and trusting platform to seek and provide encouragement and motivation. Our community users are closely monitored and expected to be positive to any and all users for any reason. Disrespect, negativity, and inappropriate language and images will not be tolerated. We are seeking to develop a long lasting platform where users can motivation each other, and seek encouragement through social media.

Our motto is POSITIVE VIBES ONLY and there is no exception to that.

The BeStim team can be contacted at any time. We are not unreachable. We strive to also be available to provide motivation and encouragement. We are not therapists and not social workers. We simply strive to inspire others in life in all avenues, and take pride in being able to help others as much as we can. MOTIVATION!!! will be a page with categorized content that will inspire and motivation the community on a myriad of topics. Ranging from love, health, employment, confidence, etc. Users will be able to share their posts, memes, photos, quotes, and more in efforts to spark a little happiness and motivation in the community.


ROSES!!! was inspired by the popular phrase, “give me my roses while I can still smell them!” With that, ROSES is to offer love and appreciation to those that inspire us, but don’t get the accolades as often as deserved. Each month our rose will change based on votes from a poll posted on the site. Members will have a full calendar month to vote for the ROSE for the next month. It’s to ensure we pass along positive vibes and appreciation to our members of the website and the world to make sure we make each other feel loved and appreciated when it counts the most.

ON THE RISE!!! is another monthly recognition feature of the BeStim community. There will a different small featured every month with the hopes of showcasing their talents, services, products, etc. There will be a section to submit your business for entry and everyone will be equally considered and eventually have their time to shine.

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