Free Stock with Webull

Free Stock with Webull

webullWebull Financial LLC is a stock trading company that offers customers and shareholders to buy, sell, trade, and manage their stocks and shares online. Like many other companies, you can open your account yourself online, and purchase any share you desire. It offers a referral based incentive in order to attract investors. The referral program states that everyone who registers and opens an account receives a free stock of up to $1000. It seems that the stock value is based on your income, employment, and credit. It also states that for every person that registers and opens an account as a result of y our referral will receive a free stock, and so will you.

The steps to sign up are easy. Using a smart phone or mobile device, access the Webull site and enter a your username and password to register. Verify your email, and go back the Webull site. It will then ask you to download the app for easier management and account set up. After downloading the app from the App store or Google Play store, enter in your same registration username and password. Now it’s time to open your investment account.

You will requested to enter in various information, some sensitive information including social security number and ID or license number. Other information includes employment, (unemployment works just fine if that is your true employment status), address, dependents, reason for investing, annual income, and investment level. After entering in the necessary information, it will tell you to wait for approximately 3 days for a decision about your account being approved. It actually only takes about 10 mins. The only way to receive your free stock is for the new investor to not only register on the site, they have to open an account.

Opening an account does not include transfers any funds into the account, or immediately purchasing any positions. All you have to do is open the account. I will promptĀ  you to make a deposit, but that is by choice. You will get a notification about claiming your free stock as soon as your account is considered open, and anyone who signs up through you opens their account.

Click Here to get started. Good luck on your journey to financial security.


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