Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair Journey

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The Big Chop (July 2018)


So I did my hair chop at home, by myself, from a spur of the moment thought. I had just finished washing my hair and was not in the mood to condition, blow dry, and style my hair. Mostly because I was having so much breakage with my hair, and was contemplating on going natural for a few months. So I felt, why even bother with this damaged hair, and I’m not happy with it. So I grabbed a pair and scissors, and cut a piece from the front. That way I could not re-nig on my decision. I wasn’t super excited about the chop, but I felt refreshed. After about two weeks I adjusted to the new look.

Products I Use


So obviously I’m in the beginning stages of my transition, so I’m still learning what is best for my hair and figuring out my curl pattern. I have already noticed, I have thin hair, with tight curls. I have not tried many brands yet. I tried Creme of Nature and I do not like the way it makes makes my hair feel. My hair feels heavy and sticky. NO-GO! So now I’m trying Cantu. So far I like the results, I love the smell of Cantu as well. The level I’m on in my journey right now is reaching long-lasting moisture and shine for at least a whole week. Right now, my hair my hair hold the moisture and I shine I want for about 24 hours. I’m researching and experimenting with deep conditioning methods and products to sew which gives me the longevity I want. Videos and links for that process coming soon!


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