Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is when you partner up with companies to assist in promoting sales for their products. There are hundreds of companies that offer affiliate programs that are free and easy to sign up for. The main two that I have partnered with are Amazon and Ebay. I have signed up for Clickbank, but I have not put it to use promoting any links yet.

The company you choose to partner with, provides you with a platform to track your traffic and sales. You have access to view your progress and your impact, and your earnings. You don’t have to have a passion for sales, or any sale experience. Just time to post links and ads on your social media, websites, etc, in efforts to generate revenue for the partnered company in exchange for commission for assisting in promoting products.

Some of the other companies that offer affiliate programs are:

  1. CJ Affiliate
  2. AvantLink
  3. ShareASale
  4. Clickbank

Ideal methods for your affiliate marketing business are:

  1. create a marketing website just for your advertising and promoting
  2. incorporate your links and products into an already existing site
  3. share on social media sites



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