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Creating a blog is a popular income generating idea. It be easy, but it actually takes a lot of thought. They key is finding what makes your blog different from the rest. Now there are only so many topics to choose from, understandable, but within those topics, you can always find something that makes your blog special. Could be mixed comedy, geared toward a certain group of people, or musical selections integrated into the posts and website.


1. Beauty
* Hair Care
* Skin Care
* Makeup Application
* Makeup Products

2. Fashion
* Favorite Designers
* Your Wardrobe
* New Releases
* Rejuvenating Old Pieces of Clothing
* DIY Altering Tips

3. Technology
* New Phone Devices and Features
* “How to” Blogs (Use Devices, Fix Devices)
* Compare & Contrast

4. Health
* Exercise
* Nutrition
* Illnesses and Sickness
* Cleaning Tips

5. Education
* Adult Education
* Youth Education
* Grants & Scholarships
* College Survival Tips
* Teaching Children
* Online Learning
* Paying Back Loans

6. Finances 
* Budgeting
* Generating Revenue
* Stocks and Bonds
* Banking Accounts and Options
* Credit Education
* Loans Education
* Home Ownership

7. Politics
* Local
* Federal
* Viewpoints
* Changes

8. Law & Justice
* Family Law
* Guardianship
* Business Laws
* Justice/Injustice
* Criminal Law

9. Personal
* Daily Blogs – What goes on in your day
* Things in your life that others may be interested in.

10. Gaming
* Game Play
* Updates
* Glitches and Fixes
* New Releases
* Your Opinion about Games

10. Religion
* Your Beliefs
* Spreading the Word
* Events & Invitations

Those are just some blogging ideas that are popular. Of course there are plenty of others. Our blog will have almost all of these. Good Luck!


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