Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant aids clients in completing various tasks in a myriad of fields from a remote locations. There is no certification required to begin a work from home virtual assistant business. The requirements that make the business flourish smoothly include:

Knowledge of various topics including technology, appointment setting, creating/editing documents, and creating travel plans. Simple right?

At home office equipped with computer, printer/scanner, paper shredder, web cam, and microphone.

A portfolio of your work, website, or resume to highlight your talents and strengths

Soft skills that will come include communication, honesty, accuracy and attention to detail, and time management.

I work through my organization I created called Mommy Moves, LLC. (shout out to Cardi B for inspiring the title.) I work for myself, and one of my goals to ultimately create an actual virtual assistance business where I can hire other virtual assistants with notably positive reputations and skill sets to become a part of world-known company that houses the best and most proficient assistants in the world for anything you may need help with. For now it is just me, myself, and I until I feel prepared to bring in others who are qualified and dedicated to working hard at home and leaving clients stunned with their swift and accurate service.


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