Arise Virtual Solutions

Arise Virtual Solutions

Arise Virtual Solutions is a platform that bridges the gap between large companies/businesses that are looking to hire customer agents for its customers. Using the platform has been life-changing for many people. It allows everyday people to gain access to customer service positions within the comfort of your home.

What It Did For Me

It allowed me feel like I was not letting my family down. I was able to find employment in my home, and be comfortable with the guidelines. I worked at home before enrolling in the Arise program and I was not happy with it. I was following a strict schedule, mandatory overtime, little to no time off despite reason, and colleagues not quick with assisting in sticky situations with customers. Arise gave a me a more relaxed work at home opportunity. I select my hours, select the client I want to work for, and the teammates and supervisors are amazing.

How It Works

Working with Arise is actually working for a call center at home. The call center can be your own, or working under someone else. The steps to begin are easy and fast. The first thing I say, however, is that you have to look at it as an investment. A lot of people say, you don’t have to pay to get a job. “Yes you do!” Either paying for gas or transportation to make it to the interview, tools for the jobs, the uniform, and work attire. That’s your investment into getting that job. By working at home, your don’t have to make those kind of investments. The investment is the money you initially spend to get to the course. Let me explain.

  • Sign up for the platform for free at Arise Virtual Solutions.
  • Complete the registration form.
  • Complete a background check that you have to pay for yourself for a small fee. When I enrolled it was 6.95. There is small waiting period for getting the results back from the background check. No more than a week.
  • Do the system check in the meantime, and make sure you have the required technology items needed for the course and the job.
  • Once the results of the background check are in, you are able to select your call center preferences.
    • If you choose to work for a call center already partnered with the Arise platform, there will be a list of agencies to choose from. You have to take the initiative and reach out to the agencies. There is no guarantee they will respond to your calls and emails. So it’s best to reach out to many of them, and narrow down from the responses you get.
    • The other option is to register your own call center. This option is where the investing gets deeper. It’s also a little time-consuming, but very much worth it, this is the option I chose. You are able to register a small business with your state of residency’s secretary of state. The fees vary.  ****Research your state’s name and secretary of state, contact them for fees of registering a small business.**** Fill out the required forms, mail them in, and wait for a letter confirming your business is registered. While waiting for the confirmation from the secretary of state, apply for an EIN from This process is quick, you will be given an EIN immediately upon completing the application. Print it out and save it for later. ****Make sure you title the business on the secretary of state form and EIN application EXACTLY THE SAME**** After have both documents, log into your Arise account and register your own IB – Independent Business.
  • Once your business is registered or you have been approved by a call center, you will have access to available clients and their course information. Each client will display their logo, information about the class, class price, and class times.
  • Select the client you want to sign up for, make the payment and select your desired class time. The start time is usually a few weeks away. ***THERE IS NO PAID TRAINING. YOU GET PAID WHEN YOU TAKE YOUR FIRST CALL***
  • You be trained on how to access Starmatic which is the program used to select your schedule. You are allowed to select your schedule in 30 increments (intervals), and select what ever is best for you. The key to getting a decent amount of hours is to be up on the hours release schedules, to ensure you get hours fast. They do go quick. Be a Starmatic stalker to make sure you get the amount of hours you want.

My call center is always hiring. See the flyer below, and instructions following to register to work as a call center service agent with my call center and begin your work at home journey. Whether short-term just to get side cash or long-term to make an actual income, it’s a great idea for generating income.



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